The Right Wrong Turn


E67 - “Child Thief for Money” - Old Idaho State Penitentiary

Hello and welcome to The Right Wrong Turn! We are so glad you decided to take that turn you saw and have decided to join us on our longer-than-average adventure for this week. In this episode, we have Mason talking about the Old Idaho State Penitentiary, as well as a discussion about being cut in half by a ceiling fan, stealing money from children, stealing children for money, and much, much more. We hope you enjoy!


E66 - “Regular Beef” - Amelia Earhart Part 2

Hello and welcome, everyone, to our humble, little, fantastic podcast! We are so glad that you are willing to spend an hour or so of your busy life with us this week as we delve into the second and final part of Amelia Earhart. There are several theories and several laughs to listen to this week, and we hope you enjoy!


E65 - “Bone Hood” - Amelia Earhart Part 1

Hello and welcome to our wacky world of wondrous tales. Well, not our tales; we just tell them. We do tell some of our tales but that's beside the point! This week, we have the unbelievable story of Amelia Earhart and her mythical disappearance. We hope you enjoy!


E64 - “Our First and Only Annual” - Bobby Greenlease

Hello and welcome to our podcast! This week, we are bringing the sadness and despair, as well as some laughs at no one's expense. The sadness and despair come from the fascinating story of the abduction and murder of young Bobby Greenlease. We hope you enjoy this episode!


E63 - “I Don’t Even Have a Fish” - Timothy Brown Spirit House

We have Ken back this week! They enjoyed their time in Texas and is ready to be back on the show. They brought some excellent research to the table this week as well. As you can tell by the title, they are telling Tyler and Mason about the Timothy Brown Spirit House. We had some great laughs in this episode, and we hope you do too. We hope you enjoy the episode in general!


E62 - “Sexualizing Bricks” - Thomas Busby’s Stoop Chair

This week, we are Ken-less as they ventured into Texas for the weekend. Nevertheless, we persisted. We are also breaking some rules in this episode, or rather just one big one: we are finally stepping outside of the United States and talking about a story from across the pond. So, this episode will be the one that will bring in stories from around the world now! We hope you are as excited as we are. We also hope you enjoy the episode, as always.


E61 - “Randy the Savage Man” - The Girl in the Box (Colleen Stan)

Greetings from The Right Wrong Turn! We are so glad you have decided to take an hour or so out of your day to listen to our show. This week, we have the crazy story of Colleen Stan, better known in the media as The Girl in the Box. This is a case Tyler has referred to several times, so we thought it was about time to talk about it. We hope you enjoy!


E60 - “Is This a Meme?” - Burbank Livingston Griggs Mansion

Hello and welcome, Children of Perihelion. We are so glad you could join us in our service this week. For this episode, we are bringing to you a chilling story about a haunted mansion and jokes that you make you laugh so hard you'll...freeze? Sure! This mansion in unassuming St. Paul, Minnesota, is home to several known and unknown spirits that you will have to tune in to learn more about! We hope you enjoy this episode!


E59 - “Is This Pee or Apple Vinegar?” - Lars Mittank

Greetings, Children of Perihelion! We are so glad to see you back this week! Our service is a special one this week, for we have the disturbing story of YouTube's most famous missing person: Lars Mittank. While we do only have one story for you this week, there is a very good reason for that. Next week is spring break so we wanted to record two episodes in one sitting, so we did. We were too busy to each research two stories, so next week we will bring you a paranormal story! We hope you enjoy!


E58 - “Discount Mothman” - Midwestern Cryptids and John Cavaness

Hello and welcome to our show. We hope you're ready for the fun that comes along with this episode because it is a hoot and a half. This week, we have some Cryptids from the original four states we took on when we started this podcast. Alongside those fine creatures, we also have the shocking murders perpetrated by Dr. John Cavaness. We hope you enjoy!


E57 - “Bandwagon Bernie Fan” - Lemp Mansion and Kathy Bonderson

Hello and welcome to our podcast! This week, we have Ken Sunderman on the show again, and that might be a full-time thing. They also did research this week with Lemp Mansion in Missouri. Mason researched the crazy murder of Kathy Bonderson in North Dakota. We hope you enjoy!


E56 - “TySMR” - Cursed Songs with Guest Star Ken Sunderman

Hello everyone! Welcome to our show and we are happy to have you here, listening to our podcast. This week, we have a special one on deck. We have a continuation of our "cursed things" series in which we dedicate an episode to talk about and discuss some of the world's most haunted and cursed things. This week, we are talking about cursed songs. We hope you enjoy!


E55 - “Thanks a Milli” - Franklin Delano Floyd

Leave it to me and my forgetfulness. We are so sorry this episode is late, but it is here now! Our upload date will remain on Saturdays, and now we shouldn't miss any other days. I have put several reminders in place to prevent me from forgetting (hopefully it helps). We do hope you enjoy this crazy story we have for you. If you have seen Abducted in Plain Sight, this story may be just as crazy as that one, if not a bit less. Thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy!


E54 - “If Snickers Tasted Like Candles” - Mysterious Places

Hello again and thank you for listening to The Right Wrong Turn on this beautiful day of the week which you are listening to this. Hopefully it isn't too cold/hot/miserable/pleasant for you today and hopefully you get to enjoy our 54th episode as well. This week, we have three different places all tied together because they are mysterious in their way, aside from the last one. We hope you enjoy!


E53 - “One Ocean Away From a Hurricane” - The El Dorado Jane Doe

Hello and welcome to our show! We hope you are enjoying your day, whatever day you are listening to this episode or if you are even reading this description. But, hey! That's not a big deal, it just means I can basically say whatever I want because no one will ever read this...interesting. I'll play with that later. This week, we have the truly bizarre and tragic ongoing story of the El Dorado Jane Doe. We hope you enjoy it!